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We have started our i-live classes for IIT JEE preparation. i-live is different from online classes, which are mostly passive. i-live means Interactivity (i) and live (life). Students can ask questions during classes, resolve doubts after the classes and get feedback/corrections on daily assignments. There are weekly tests, parent-teacher online meetings as well as weekly reports. Overall, it is close monitoring and scheduled coverage, of course.

Now, no more classroom teaching can go on. Travel is banned as well, as there is a danger of catching the infection. However, students have to cover a lot of course.

So, we conduct i-live classes (ZOOM meeting) for IIT JEE preparation (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths).

IIT JEE preparation requires students to daily work on problems and refine their understanding of concepts. It will be challenging to cover the course if the students wait for things to settle! So, IIT JEE aspirants can now prepare sitting at their home.

Many IIT Professors, CBRI scientists, and software professionals have greatly appreciated our concept of i-live classes where there are daily classes on weekdays that are live-streamed.

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Demo classes on Youtube


JEE 2020 result

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Faculty Profile:


Maths and Physics


Dr. Ankush Mittal

B.Tech (CSE IIT – Delhi), Ph.D. (NUS, Singapore)
Ex-Associate Professor (IIT-Roorkee)
IIT-Roorkee Outstanding teacher Award




Dr. Priyanka Gupta

M.Sc (Chemistry IIT Roorkee)
Ph.D. ( IIT Roorkee) , 20+ years of experience

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Demo classes on Youtube

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Personal Message of Dr. Ankush Mittal Sir to JEE aspirants:

Based on my personal interactions with students in the many years of my teaching, I have found a few common obstacles plaguing students:

  • Ineffective study habit: like studying in bed, less concentration etc.
  • Distractions and time wasters: internet, video games, social media etc.
  • Poor time management: no schedule, not able to effectively manage time etc.
  • Lack of confidence: past failures have reduced confidence, etc.
  • Lack of motivation: not able to keep up the determination for sustained time
  • Lack of problem solving skills: not able to understand question, which approach to take etc.

At Raman Classes these obstacles are systematically addressed and solved with ideas like:

  • Weekly report, ensures accountability to teacher and get feedback by teacher on your progress
  • Mentors, interacts closely with student to check the progress
  • Regular doubt resolutions, through meetings, emails, mentors
  • Interaction with past students
  • Weekly tests, post test assessment and analysis

I have myself lived and taught my students these following basic principles in life for achieving the success:

  • Regulate time, activities / disciplined life
  • Health and mental peace
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Deep respect for teachers
  • Work under guidance and accountability to teacher
  • Enthusiasm to learn, do homework etc

My goal as teacher is to systematically cover the course of JEE as well as teach aptitude for learning, how to go deep in subject and learn new concepts.

I hope that reading this and the information attached herewith is useful for you.


Register for LIVE demo class


Demo classes on Youtube